Sample Base Pricing:
Improved Real Estate

Retail Property:$1,950
Lt Industrial:$1,950 
Hospitality (24- Units): $3,900 
Residential Income 2-4 Unit: $700
Apartment   6 Units:$1,200   15 Units:$1,800 
Apartment Complex  200 Unit:$4,900
Apartment Complex (Sec 8) $5,500                       
Office Building (Single Tenant) $1,950
Office Building (2 Story 4,000 Sqft) $2,400
Office (6 Story  36,000 Sqft) $4,900

Land and Specialty Reports 

Land (Com 1-Acre):$2,400
Land (Res Development 20-Acre) $4,800
Land (Lt Ind 5- Acres): $2,400
Land (Single Res Site:) $750
Feasibility Study: $2,400
Business (Undivided Interest) $2,900
Business (Non-Controlling Fractional Int) $4,000

The costs listed above are sample base pricing intended as a reference point for the convenience of our customers.
To assure clarity and accuracy, a written estimate detailing terms, conditions, costs, and special instructions is provided for each order.  

Special attention is paid to the requirements of the client. The time to produce the desired report type is estimated and the fee calculated.


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